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Cleaning Carpet Stains in Casa Grande, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, AZ

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Cleaning Carpet Stains

Cleaning out carpet stains is almost inevitable if you have carpets in your home or business. We know you can usually handle the common residue that can plague flooring such as dirt and mud, and in many cases you can remove stains yourself using plain water or a solution of water and vinegar. But occasionally there are some cases where certain types of stains need a trained professional who understands the chemistry of stains and carpeting to remove those tougher stains.

Cleaning carpet spills that contain a great deal of water may seem like an easy job, but it can become a much more serious problem. One of the greatest threats that water damage can pose to your carpet is mold growth. Without a professional with the proper equipment for moisture detection and water removal, it’s usually not possible for an individual to handle the issue properly on their own. Mold can cause serious health problems, not to mention the loss of the flooring itself that may end up needing to be replaced because of improper drying techniques. That is why using a professional service is the best bet when confronted with this type of problem.

Some of the most troublesome carpet issues come from odor problems. Smoke and pet stains are among the most common odor sources, and they almost always need a qualified professional who knows which types of products to use that won’t damage the carpet but will eliminate the odor.

It is safe to say that not every spilled drink or muddy footprint requires a professional, but it’s important to know that some spills do. It is also important to know the risks that some spills can cause if they aren’t treated properly, some of which can lead to health problems from mold growth. The trained professionals at Five Star Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can handle all of your tough spills and stains.

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